Ideas Are Powerful

The fabric of our understanding of reality seems dependent on ideas. Ideas that create strong emotions are like viruses, leaving us all vulnerable to false beliefs. Let's explore them.
Democracy is an idea, a belief. Like everything else, you need to believe in it for it to work. I'm interested in the psychology behind belief. There is a belief behind every action we take. Unfortunately, our varying beliefs also bring about disagreement on facts. Truth itself relies on belief, and although our beliefs can bring about a lot of good, they can bring an equal amount of bad. The prolific emergence of conspiracy theories have flooded into the public conciousness. And the most troubling is an amalgamation of many conspiracies into one grand overarching global conspiracy. This mega-theory comes from an annonymous internet user "Q" and their followers, who collectively make up a cult known as QAnon.


The power of conciousness: are there limits? There are humans all over the world who have pushed the limits of what we have thought was possible. Geneticists are currently researching whether our intelligence can be manipulated via gene expression. They want to know if we can alter the way a person's brain functions, and whether that process can be safe and ethical.

What is "QAnon"?

QAnon originally began as an amalgamation of conspiracy theories brought about on an alt-right online messaging board by an anonymous user named Q who claimed to be a government official with inside information on the Deep State. The main claim is that many democratic officals and celebries are part of a global child sex trafficking ring that also drink the blood of children. And that Trump is the savor of the United States that is fighting against these evil forces.

Source Tracing

The use of the internet to spread information across the world in real time has brought about challenges in the ability to originate where data has come from. Source Tracing has the capacity to originate information in order to efficiently trace the source and identify its validity.

Truth Decay

Termed and researched by the RAND corporation, Truth Decay is the aspect of society that is increasingly in disbelief over objective evidence. The more that false information and claims are presented, the more likely it is to be believed.

...more to come.