From information manipulation to the foundation of the cyber structure, this is a inside look behind the security wall and into the deep web of mysteries.

What does it all mean when meaning is lost? Let's explore the philosophy of existance.


The power of conciousness: are there limits? There are humans all over the world who have pushed the limits of what is known as possible. You have pushed your own limits of mental capacity and still continue to develop.

Source Tracing

The use of the internet to spread information across the world in real time has brought about challenges in the ability to originate where data has come from. Source Tracing has the capacity to originate information in order to efficiently trace the source and identify its validity.

False Flags

Disinformation spreads around networks on the web and among social media, and the challenge is to track in real time where similar language used in a post has travelled to determine the source. Sourcing can be a complex feat to maneuver if the data is not copied word-for-word or specifically sited. An associated image may be less challenging.

Encryption solutions and mathematical encryption equations may be full-proof, but only so long as the code supporting them is not found to have a bug, but inevitablely there will be breaks in code that will be exploited.